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Effective Presentations - Includes MS PowerPoint
Simple Accounting
Basic Fundamentals of Bookkeeping
Basic Project Management
Smoking at work
Alcohol and Drug Counseling
Anger Management
Understanding Tuberculosis
Business Administration
Negotiation Skills
Performance Management Fundamentals
Conflict Management
Assertiveness Skills
Critical Thinking
Coaching. Managing Mentoring
Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques
Stress Management
Time Management
Defusing Hostile Clients
Customer Service
Sales Management
Advanced Project Management

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Telephone Techniques
HIV-AIDS Management in the Workplace
Interviewing Skills
Labour Relations made easy
Business Process Management
Presentation Skills for Managers
Small Business Management
Introduction to Personnel Management
Business Etiquette
Conflict Management
Effective Presentations
Managing Employee Conduct
Coaching. Managing Mentoring
Negotiation Skills
Performance Management Fundamentals
Professional Skills for Secretaries
Business English & Writing Skills
Minutes & Meetings
Reception Skills
Train the Trainer
Project Management Foundation

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